A Little Ray of Sunshine


It has always been my dream that when I retired and had the time to properly care for a dog, I wanted a little white lap dog.  Hubby had always said “no”, as it would be too much responsibility if we wanted to go away etc.  Deep down, he was fearful of loving and losing.  He had lost his last childhood dog under tragic circumstances and was using all the excuses in the book to put the idea out of my head.

When I left hospital, the nurses and other medical professionals had asked whether or not I had a dog. My answer was always the same.  A sad “no, but we have a psycho cat!”.  And then I would tell them about my dream of one day….  They had thought that it would benefit my recovery to have a dog to look after.  They said a dog could bring so much happiness to my life. The nurses were trying their best to convince my hubby.

Monty (our cat) is not affectionate and really does his own thing.  We purchased him from the cat haven as a grown cat and fear that he had had a traumatic beginning.  At first he almost seemed feral, but he has adapted better and now snuggles on my feet when I am in bed, but he still doesn’t like a lot of touching etc.  Even tho we call him a psycho cat, we love him dearly and he is now getting on in years.

June 16th, 2013 – My dream comes true!

It was a Sunday afternoon and the phone rang.  Hubby answered it and said he had to duck out for 20 minutes.  He wouldn’t tell me where.  I can tell you it was to our local pet shop to meet my son and his girlfriend to look at a puppy for me!  They had been planning this for two months since my discharge, but hadn’t found a suitable pup.  Hubby returned home and said that I had to wait on the lounge for my son and his girlfriend to get home and that they had a surprise for me.  I jokingly said “have you got me a puppy?”…..

Yes they did 🙂  With my eyes closed, they put a 1.7kg furball into my hands.  I couldn’t believe it!! I sobbed with joy.  She is so small and adorable.  I immediately said I was calling her Sunshine, Sunny for short as she would bring sunshine into my days.

Sunny is a toy Papillon/Maltese cross and was born 2/4/13, so she is still very young.  At first, I found it very difficult to have this added responsibility, I can’t deny that.  I had messes to clean up and she needed constant care.  I felt that I was neglecting her if I left her in her room, so that I could take a break.  But that is where the family has really picked up the slack and helped out.  They get up to her in the morning while I am still sleeping, take her for walks and we all pitch in with her training and play time.

She has brought so many happy times to our family already.  She keeps me company during the day.  Her antics make me laugh and I love her to bits.  She claims anything left lying around the house (jocks, socks, shoes etc) and puts them in her bed.  She has claimed a portion of our back garden as her own and digs and buries her hide-bones and toys and then digs them up again.  She knows how to sit, shake and most times responds to the come and stay commands, just depends if she gets distracted or not.

Gary absolutely adores her! *phew*  He gets her ‘wound up’ and they chase each other and I laugh hysterically.  Her little legs go sliding over the hard floors and she slides across the floor.  Monty, although still wary has gotten over the initial shock and has accepted her also.

Every night, she snuggles with me on my bed and we have quiet time together.

I call her my little ‘healing’ dog xoxo



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