Karri Valley

View from our balcony.

View from our balcony.

After much anxiety just thinking about going away, I actually started to get a little excited a couple of days before we went.  Maybe this coincided with the fact that I had two days of virtually no jerking or feeling off balance.  I felt grounded and that felt WONDERFUL!

We visited Karri Valley twice last year.  I call it my ‘place of serenity’.  It is so peaceful. Nestled away in the forest, 20 km from the local town, it is built around a lake.

We always stay in a lakeside room which has a balcony literally over the lake.

The lake is stocked with trout regularly (or so they say) and hubby always settles in with a scotch in hand and throws in a line.  In our three visits, he has only ever caught one trout, which he returned immediately to the lake.  It is his way to ‘come down’ and forget about work and the pressures of day to day living and the running of his business.

Parrot on our balcony.

Parrot on our balcony.

The resort has no internet or mobile access, so we would catch up on messages when we drove in to town.

I coped really well, getting up early for breakfast and visiting a few of our favourite places.  We went to Beedelup falls and I was determined to walk across the suspension bridge. Unfortunately, 6 steps in and panic overcame me.  But it was still nice to have the walk through the forest and to be able to cope with the many steps down to see the waterfall.  We also visited the Lavender Farm and the dam.

Apart from trying to cross the bridge, the only other time I felt strong anxiety was while we were eating lunch at the local pub.  I knew hubby was looking forward to the huge steaks they have on offer, so I persevered, made it through, even though I felt very uncomfortable. I must say that I enjoyed my lunch of marron also.

We had a beautiful time, relaxed and rested – just what we both needed.

Beedelup Falls

Beedelup Falls

Unfortunately on the last night, we received a call from our son to say that our little pup, Sunny, had been rushed to our local veterinary hospital.  She was in a bad way.  Her heartbeat was 229 bpm and her blood pressure was very low.  We kept in touch with the hospital and they said she had a severe allergic anaphylactic reaction to something.  Most probably a bite from a bee, wasp or ant.

We decided to leave earlier than planned the next morning to get home and help out with the situation.  Luckily, she had responded well to treatment and was back at home before we arrived.

Suspension Bridge

Suspension Bridge

Forest Seclusion

Forest Seclusion


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