Lyme it is!

Yesterday I was officially diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

Even though I had the test results for a week (via email from Germany), I suppose I was still in denial.  Having a doctor confirm this was something else. Luckily, I had hubby in with me and he was able to ask questions, confirm my treatment plan and generally be my ‘brain’ as I forget things so easily.

Here I was thinking that now I have a diagnosis, it will be easy…. I will just start treatment… uh uh 😦

I also had a stool sample analysis and the results were terrible (and to me terrifying).  It seems that I have not enough of every good bug and am riddled with the bad ones.  One baddie in particular is Streptococcus.  A normal reading is <5%.  My level is 50%.  So before we can even tackle the LD issue, I have had to start on strong antibiotics to kill off this bug.  I will then go through the process of improving the levels of the good flora.  *sigh*  I never realised the effect that gut flora has on anxiety and depression.  So much is controlled by the gut.

I have also had to stop my sugar intake immediately as the bad bugs thrive on it. This is going to be a long process.

I started on Abx last night and already today I feel nauseous.  I had a couple of hours this morning where I had a sprinkling of energy, but that soon subsided and I feel totally washed out again.

I have had to order a spray from the US and it costs a fortune.  But my LLMD said he has patients who have reported remarkable improvements using it.  Can you put a price on good health?

I feel that I am at the beginning of a roller coaster ride, scared of the ride ahead but looking forward to that exhilarating feeling when it is over.



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