Welcome 2014

My year of positivity (if that’s a word lol)

We were lucky enough to spend New Year’s Eve with friends for a lovely bbq and catch up.  Understanding my condition, we agreed to celebrate New Years based on Sydney time…. 9pm here in Perth 🙂  We really enjoyed our night out and got home about 11pm.  I drove home and had a moment of panic and told hubby he would have to drive.  Of course he couldn’t as he had been drinking, so I used positive affirmations and pressed on until we were safely at home.

The first 11 days of this year have seen me successfully start on my first anti-biotic and luckily with minimal herxing and I was able to reach the full dose within a week.  My regime for anti-biotics is one week on/one week off.

I have managed to achieve some wonderful things so far this year.  I have driven a couple of times by myself, been shopping and managed to do a fair bit of housework.  I even took myself for blood tests which is a huge accomplishment.

I have set myself small goals for the month and so far I am almost on target.  I am taking a break from cleaning today though as it is 44C here and too hot to do anything.

I have had a few days where I am overcome with exhaustion and jerking and these days bring my mood crashing down.  But these days don’t seem to be lasting as long as usual and I am then Blessed with semi-decent or good days.  These good days keep me going.

I have started hypnotherapy to help me deal with my anxiety over taking medications and life in general.  So far I have only had two sessions.  I have a lovely therapist who is kind enough to come to my house to work on me.

Life seems to be a little bit more pleasurable in our household so far this year…..



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  1. suzanne Dalziel
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 16:44:44

    well done Terri,am glad to hear your improving some,chin up and all that take care


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