This is a selection of poems that I have written.  I hope to add to them as time goes by.  Thanks, Terri

Why Do I Deserve An Angel?

Your love is unconditional

I hope you see mine too

Although I speak from within a black cloud,

Please believe me when I say that I love you.

I feel that I am bringing you down

You work tirelessly and devote yourself to me

When all I give in return is sorrow

A far cry from our life that used to be.

You reassure me that all will be fine

And I want to believe you so

I want to see your sunshine and hope

but which road will lead me there?  I simply do not know.

So I wonder why I deserve an Angel

A husband as caring and loving as you

Are you here to keep me from giving up?

For without you, I would not know what to do

One day when we look behind

We will smile and dance with glee

that we have managed to weather the storm

and I have returned to the ‘happy old me’!

~Terri Ford~



I remember happy times

from only a year ago

Blue skies, laughter, love and family

flying over mountains capped with snow

Whatever has happened to change me?

I no longer smile or yearn to play

Instead, my fears and apprehensions

have taken my freedom away

My days are filled with sadness and tears

I am wearing a cloak of despair

I try to look for happiness

but I cannot find it anywhere

I feel I have been assaulted…

Robbed and stripped down to the bone

Emotions stolen, battered self esteem,

I stand isolated and alone

I keep trying to gather my remnants

to piece together some semblance of life

but the jigsaw just keeps on resisting

leaving me in a place where my desperate thoughts are rife

I am visiting the darkest abyss

where all is lost and I feel so torn

I make my choice not only for me

But for those who would miss me if I was gone

So, as I wrap my cloak around myself,

I turn to face another day

I try my hardest to keep my faith and believe

that having trust and patience is the way…

~Terri Ford~  21/06/2009



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